Hi, I'm Araxie. I'm a freelance writer and student of Nonfiction Writing and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago. I've been writing since I learned to read, and have experience sharing stories on a variety of platforms, from a weekly newspaper, to a fashion and lifestyle blog. I've always loved the excitement of learning something new, whether it's reading a new book, playing a new song on the piano, or teaching myself HTML, and I love to share that experience in my writing. 

My ultimate goal in writing is to discover new ways to connect with others. That's why I love sharing stories regularly on platforms like the Kooyrigs Blog and the Armenian Weekly newspaper. Its also why I love working with other people to help share their stories through writing, whether it's writing posts for your instagram, or editing website content. If you're interested in working together feel free to send me a message or take a look at my writing services. 

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