5 Ways to Get Productive With Goal Setting and Task Management

Say goodbye to your paper planner! Digital productivity tools have been taking over the market, with an 44% increase in use since the pandemic began. And there’s a good reason why—with digital productivity tools, you can keep track of everything you used to write in a notebook, and pair it with technological innovations that will take some of the work off your plate. With the right tools and strategies you can find your productivity soaring.

1. Save Time by Automating Repetitive Tasks

Sometimes you have to do the same task over and over again. Maybe it’s sending out your company’s monthly newsletter, or checking in with team members. In a paper planner, you’d have to remember to write these things out every time you need to do them, but with a digital task management tool, you can set tasks to repeat as often as you need them to.

This can be helpful, especially if it's a task you often forget to do. With a digital tool, you’ll only need to remember once, and your software will remind you every time the task comes up again. You can even set reminders before your tasks are due to avoid any last minute scrambling before the deadline.

Many digital tools will even allow you to automate repetitive tasks that you often forget. Maybe you find it easier to write all your company’s newsletters at once and schedule them to go out every month, or maybe it helps to schedule those emails you always forget to send. With just some of those simple things off your plate, you’ll find you have more mental space for new goals and projects.

2. Get Motivated with Short and Long Term Goals

Studies have found that employees are 60% more likely to report motivation at work when using digital productivity tools. Streamlined processes and less time spent on communication definitely factor into this, but many digital tools have features designed specifically to help you stay motivated.

One great way to stay motivated is to have your goals in front of you. Consider using a software that will allow you to keep your goals at the top of your homepage, on your browser, or some other convenient place where you can see them while you work. When you lose motivation, these may help you remember what you’re working hard for.

If you’re having trouble staying motivated, think of creative ways to inspire yourself while you work. Maybe it’s changing up your goals every so often, or even using pictures or mood boards that embody what you’re working towards. Sometimes even small things like planning out your week, or crossing things off a to-do list can make all the difference.

3. Keep Your Plans Flexible

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past year, it’s that it’s always important to be flexible. You never know what may change in the next month, week, or even day, so it’s nice to have your tasks on a program that allows you to edit them, move them around and reprioritize as needed.

Just as your physical environment can affect your state of mind, so can the digital landscape around you. With flexible task management tools, you may find it easier to adapt to changes in your workflow, new tasks that come up, or challenges that arise as you work.

It’s also important to stay flexible with your digital tools. Trying out different tools can be a great way to see what works, but make sure to pay attention to the effect that they are having. 43% of workers say that having too many digital tools complicates their lives, so be careful to choose your tools wisely and notice if your team has resistance to them.

4. Share Tasks with Teams

Before you may have had to write down a task, and then let your team know about it, but with digital productivity tools, you can do both at once. Many tools allow you to assign team members to a task, or allow them to view it.

Using task management software can be a great way to facilitate virtual collaboration, letting every member of your team know what everyone else is up to without the extra work of sending emails or holding meetings.

5. Keep Track of New Ideas

We all have those moments where we think of a brilliant idea, say we’ll remember it, and invariably forget it 30 seconds later. Or we write down the idea, only to find that we’ve lost that piece of paper by the end of the day. With digital productivity tools, you can designate a place to keep those random ideas, and enter them through your phone no matter where or when you have them.

Make sure you keep track of your ideas in a place that’s easy to access and remember. You may even want to consider having different pages to keep track of ideas on different topics, such as pages for individual teams and projects.

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